About This Project

Location: Sydney

Scope: In 2019, Concept AV went above and beyond to deliver cutting edge conferencing solutions for multinational technology company IBM. This project included the fit-out of multiple AV systems in Meeting Rooms, the Boardroom, and general office spaces across 5 levels.


Meeting Rooms and Boardroom Highlights

This project included over 60 spaces containing Cisco Webex conferencing solutions. The meeting rooms in the project ranged in capacity from 4 people to 6 people, and all featured a 55’’ Ultra High Definition professional NEC display, controlled via a Cisco Touch 10 Touch Panel.


There were 6 larger spaces, including the main boardroom where the NEC displays were replaced with impressive 70’’ or 85’’ Webex Boards. Concept AV integrated a dual 70’’ Webex Board in the Boardroom, the first in the region for IBM.


Linkable Space

On Level 17, the project scope included a linkable space involving 4 different rooms which could be combined into. From a visual perspective, 3 x 75’’ and 4 x 98’’ NEC Displays were integrated. In the ceiling, Concept AV installed 30 Tannoy 4’’ In-ceiling speakers, and 4 x beamtracking Biamp ceiling microphones, enabling each space to conduct a conference call via the webex system, irrespective of whether it is in single space or combinable mode. Other Shure microphones were also supplied and connected to the system. These microphones included gooseneck cardioid condensers and handheld microphones.


Brands Installed

  • Cisco Webex Conferencing Solutions
  • NEC Displays
  • Tannoy Speakers
  • Shure Microphones
  • Crestron Control & Audio Solutions
Photo Credit: Concept AV Australia