Huddle Spaces.

Isometric View Drawing of a Office Huddle Space Audio Visual fitout including LED display, sound bar and touch panel control

Huddle Up.

Parallels can be drawn between a sporting teams pre-game huddle and a workplace huddle room. Accommodating up to five people, a huddle room is designed to enable people to meet quickly and easily.


A huddle room consists of: Video conferencing systems – a TV, LCD or LED monitor – and a small central table that allows for sitting or standing.


 Connect.             Share.              Explore. 

Do More.


With Less.

Unlike the corporate atmosphere of an executive conference room, huddle rooms provide a more flexible approach to getting work done in a less formal environment. Huddle rooms have proven to serve as a valuable tool for collaboration. These pocket sized rooms are great for taking care of serious business-like webinars, sales presentations, job interviews, and more. Furthermore, they are a budget friendly alternative to large meeting rooms. Equipping four huddle rooms typically costs less than outfitting one conference room.