Lecture & Conference Theatres.

Isometric view drawing of a conference lecture theatre audio visual fitout including projector, projector screens, av control room, speakers and lecturn


The effectiveness of a Lecture / Conference Theatre relies heavily on its audio-visual system. Lecture / Conference Theatres allow large groups to sit in on presentations, and due to the large display and audio system, people are able to experience the same level of inclusion no matter where they are seated. 


Lecture Theatres typically incorporate:

  • Display equipment with interactive annotation systems
  • Visualisers that display a wide range of media
  • Preview Monitors mounted on teaching desks
  • Projection systems with fixed or electronic frames


Surround sound, voice reinforcement, speakers and microphone systems are all essential in creating an effective theatre environment, while also enabling the presenter to communicate to the audience. Lecture Theatres are seen as one of the most proficient ways to communicate, present, and teach. Every space is different however, and requires its own personalised system to ensure that it functions as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

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