Who we work with.

Collaboration can prove to be more efficient in an environment that’s fully equipped with innovative communication and presentation technology. Whether it’s an adhoc meeting or a scheduled huddle, Concept AV can professionally enhance a space with everything you need from video conferencing to teaching aids.

Barangaroo, Sydney



Upgrading Existing Systems can strengthen the way your business communicates both internally and externally. We have access to newer, smarter and faster technology, which enhances the way your team communicates. It is practical, efficient and allows for real time collaboration.


Concept AV provides innovative solutions to enrich education and teaching in schools and non-academic institution fitouts. We utilise a wide array of AV equipment to create a wholistic learning evironment. Capable of recording lessons for future use, it also benefits distance learners who rely on virtual classrooms.

Macquarie University, Sydney

T3 & T4 Lecture Theatres


Government departments turn to Concept AV when looking to streamline their unified communications. By providing them with seamless and reliable AV systems, they can improve communication between their inter and intra-agency departments’. We have experience working with courtrooms, local government councils, and police stations. Our substantial experience working with these departments positions us as the leading video conferencing solution experts in Australia.

Concept AV will be right by your side as you explore the inner workings of our audio-visual and video conferencing technology. Feel free to contact us at any time.